Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

This was a sweet sixteen celebration I designed for a special girl. Her favorite colors are pink and orange and she wanted a V.I.P scene for her decor. The venue was in her parents basement so I had to transform the space into a loungy club atmosphere that teenagers would love and feel cool in. 

Before the party started the guest of honor wanted to have a photo shoot with a select few of her friends who were her V.I.P's. This was a coed group made up of girls and boys.

The V.I.P's were given t-shirts, V.I.P badges and flip flops so that they stood out amoung the other guests.

When it was time to get the party started these kids intended to dance the night away so there were two major spaces. The V.I.P area which and the main dance space where the d.j spun the lastest tunes.

They sipped on mocktails to quench their thirst in martini glasses with a sugared rim of crushed candy.

These kids loved their mocktails. They were a
sure fire hit...  

 These kids had so much fun and it was a pleasure designing this event.

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