Friday, January 11, 2013

Part 2 Organizing for the new year

Welcome to part 2 on getting your home organized in 2013. In part 1 I started with clothing organization for you closet. I inspired you with some celebrity closets. Well here are some more of my fave celeb pics of closets I love.

Nicky Hilton

I love the contrast of light against dark in this closet. Nicky chose dark hardwood floors to go with her white wardrobe and dresser. On my search for something similar I found the dresser below from IKEA. This particular dresser drawer, in the image below, has a dark finish but it has the same modern feel as the closet above.

This is the wardrobe option I found also from Ikea. Pair this look with a dark laminate floor and a white shag rug and you have a stylish dressing room.

Here is another option from Elfa. It's a dark chocolate cabinetry scheme against dark flooring with chrome accents. This is a more expensive option than the first but it also has that modern feel of the Nicky Hilton closet.

Boutique Style

This closet above has a boutique feel. It belongs to Olivia Wilde from the O.C. I also found a similar look from Ikea.

Kid's Clothing Closets

Children's closets can also be stylish. Here are two examples of a reach in and a walk-in closet.

Home Office
For your home office there are many organizers that can be color coordinated to your room. In the image above they used lime green.

Garage Organization
Using shelving in a garage as well as keeping like objects together will keep any space organized.

Playrooms/Craft rooms

These two examples show how plastic storage bins can keep toys and crafts organized as well as look good.

Laundry Room
Whether big or small a laundry room can look stylish with the use of paint, shelves and uniform storage components(baskets, plastic bins,etc)

I hope this post inspired you to get started to making your home organized and beautiful for the New Year. Until my next post...
Stay stylish ;)

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