Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to transition a living room for the seasons

Seasonal decor for your living room can be a breeze once you know the rules. In this post I will show you how to change a room from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer with the addition of certain elements. But before we start, first you must know the basics.

1. Make sure the furniture you purchase is the right scale for your room. Balance is key to pull off a successful design.
2.Start with a neutral streamlined sofa or chair with a tight back, you will be able to change their look with the addition of pillows.
3. Have fun with window treatments,select colors that highlight the season or use a neutral year round and change out your art.
4. For art have fun, for spring looks use floral prints or abstracts with spring colors.
5. Switch out your lamps, big box stores like Target, TJMaxx and Marshalls make it easy for you to have fun with new looks for the season.
6. Area rugs can change the look of a room instantly and can bring a cohesiveness to your accesories.
7. Accessorize end tables with interesting finds and experiment with color and texture.

Now lets use these basics in a room..... Below is an example of a Fall/Winter living room. The colors are muted. I selected colors in burnt oranges ,browns, reds and hints of yellow. The black drapes are my neutral that ground the room.
winter living room

Now here is the same room below but lightened up for Spring/Summer. I used yellow as the main color with hints of aqua and green. The art was changed out and lightened up for the season. The lamp and pillows evoke a feeling of whimsy. I kept the floor lamp the same but bought in two ottomans to bring in the blue and balance the yellow flooring.
living room
So as you can see with a few basics you too can transform your living room for the seasons. Have fun with it and let your creativity flow.
Happy decorating.

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